Sherlock Holmes Walk Mural Project


Annwin is a status First Nations Oji artist in Canada using a broad range of styles, mediums and techniques. They are self taught and draw from the emotion, experiences and expression that comes from the journey and those before them.

My design is inspired by still-life art based on Round the Red Lamp and its 15 stories. I envisioned an old wooden shelf stacked with books surrounding a red oil lamp in the quiet of an old study. Gold highlights are added to make some of the elements jump and draw the eye to certain details. A skull is included to embrace the preface which Conan Doyle suggests: "one cannot write of medical life and be merry over it".."it is quite essential that you should paint the darker side". I added the silhouette of a mouse peeking around a book for some whimsy. I can almost smell the old books and feel the light flickering from the lamp. I experience a personal sensory connection to the design which I hope translates to those who view it.

IG: @annwinarts

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