Sherlock Holmes Walk Mural Project


Pynn graduated for OCADU’s graphic design program in 2012 and has been a freelancing artist ever since.

I took inspiration from one of Conan Doyles’ science fiction short stories "The Disintegration Machine" published in the Strand Magazine in 1929. The story talks of a foreign scientist "Nemor" who has created a machine that is able to de-materialize matter and reconfi gure it with the pull of a lever, literally making whatever is within this machine disappear in front of your eyes! Oh the implications!

Professor Challenger, a character throughout many of Doyle’s stories, is accompanied by a journalist named Malone to visit Nemor and investigate the scientist’s magnifi cent claims.

Inventor Nemor ends up stuck in this non-material realm at the end of the story, suspended in the unknown, on purpose, as the ultimate censorship tactic from morally good Professor Challenger. Challenger has saved the world by casting out the Inventor who was incapable of resisting the temptation to use the technology for evil.

Conan Doyle was, I think, very spiritual. He had several family members die from complications at war, and probably thought about technology and war, as well as the afterlife. He, myself and many others, are heavily intrigued with the unknown experience (if there is one) after we de-materialize. This piece is meant to capture the energy of the cosmic dance of matter and what realms these particles may inhabit next.

This image was created by video feedback technique which has been part of my work for the past 2-3 years. The circular nature of the light and energy exchanged in this process creates a dazzling array of fractals and colour, reminiscent of the energy exchange found in Nemor’s machine in the story "The Disintegration Machine".

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