Sherlock Holmes Walk Mural Project


Toronto-based artist who is currently specializing in large scale muralism.

Based on one of Conan Doyle’s last stories ("The End of Devil Hawker"), my concept aims to capture the mischievous nature of notable bully, fraudster, and great shot, Sir John Hawker. In the local parlour, Hawker marks the edges of the ace of spades card to double his money in bets against Sir Charles Trevor. Ultimately his hubris is his own demise, as less prominent characters such as “ Lucy” the barmaid witness all. Eventually he is found out and outcasted which leads to his suicide using the pistol which brought him infamy.

The story’s irony in that “what often brings us success also brings us downfall” led me to conceptualize a piece emphasising the character’s mischievous nature pre-downfall. “There is sawdust on the floor, numerous wooden armchairs, round tables for the card players, a small bar presided over by Miss Lucy Stagg.” Conan Doyle’s descriptive writing brings readers back in time. Using harsh candle lighting, a smug expression, and muted neutral tones, a mischievous mood is established. This final design is a scan of an oil painting created with my own photo references. IG: @oldhues

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