Sherlock Holmes Walk Mural Project


Brian Jiang is a queer non-binary artist and illustrator of Chinese descent based in Toronto. Brian’s practice comprises of drawing, painting, illustration, sequential narrative, and animation.

The artwork connects the vast fictional worlds of Conan Doyle and bridges the divide between the contrasting range of literary themes within his work from the logical, comical, eerie and the unknown. This crossover is depicted in the fantastical scene of a Victorian train moving through the book gate portals. The settings behind each are inspired by Conan Doyle’s works such as Sherlock Holmes (Victorian London), The Lost World (prehistoric jungle), Brigadier Gerard (Napoleanic war battles), etc. The characters within the foreground also are a nod to his works. The last portal (on the far right) is an homage to nearby Bloor Station to link the legacy of Conan Doyle’s literature to the present day. IG: @_brianjiang

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